Oslo street art

Oslo street art

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Street art time, my friends. Again in the Northern Europe, again hanging around the streets, to show you some Oslo street art.
You know, Oslo is not one of those cities where you can find graffiti at every corner, but, man, I'm the Pop Corn King and I'd be able to find a "street art oasis" also in the middle of the desert.


Grunerlokka is this oasis in Oslo. This block, especially the area delimited by Hausmanns Gate, Brenneeiveien, Nordre Gate and Nedre Gate, is a little paradise for all the streets addicted like me and you.
If you are looking for spontaneous graffiti and old style lettering, Hausmania is the choice, no ifs, ands or buts. Otherwise, if you  feel to be more on the "figurative side" of the wall, make a walk in the other streets of the block. Insane classics by graffiti superstar like Icy and Sot and Phlegm (Brenneeiveien), Alice Pasquini and C215 (Nedre Gat), or, least but not last, Zed1 (Nordre Gate), are here to satisfy your curiosity.

Not enough? Do you still have thirst for more?
Well, there are a couple of other areas that you should insert in your "street art radar".

Schweigaards Gate

The first one is Schweigaards Gate. At a first glimpse, this street, just in front of the central bus terminal, has not much to offer. Big and modern buildings without soul almost everywhere. But if you take a closer look, between the columns of these buildings, you will find several recesses fully decorated by the king and the queen of the stencil art: Mr. C215 and Mrs. Alice Pasquini. Boom shakalaka!

Oslo Harbor

The second spot is a more suggestive area of the city: the Oslo Harbor. Here (Rådhusplassen), after a slalom between the people who take a selfie with the Northern Sea behind them, you will have the opportunity to see a couple of stunning works by the Norwegian stencil artist Martin Whatson. Martin is not only the local street art superstar, but he is also one of the fastest growing names in the international street art scene. So it would be a crime to miss his walls. Right right right.

That's all, old boys. In the end, as you can see, also the streets of Oslo have much to say. It's up to you to decide if you want to listen to their stories.
Big props.

The Pop Corn King (re_del_pop_corn)

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