Weekend in Oslo

When spring arrives and the sun is shining high, you have two options: go somewhere even warmer, maybe by the sea, and enjoy your time in shorts and flip flops drinking cocktails with small umbrellas. Or you can decide to experience the "maybe if you are lucky" mild and "maybe not so raining" weather of north European countries. So yes my friend this is the time to pack and go for the weekend in Oslo!

The city it's not so big so you can easily walk it through its neighborhoods. Sentrum, with its streets full of people specially shopping-hub Karl Johan, Fronger, the poshest district of Oslo, Grunerlokka, filled with indie shops and vintage boutiques on Markveien Street and Vulkan the news trendy hood. All the places I'm reviewing in this post are from these areas.

What you need to know

Currency: Norwegian krone (NOK) The underground (T-ban) runs until midnight most days, with night buses in place later on Friday and Saturday.
Time zone GMT (+02:00) UBER is available yeah!
Country code +47 Electrical socket Type F Plug - Voltage 230 V

How to get there

Oslo-Gardermoen is the main airport, but if you want to save some money I strongly suggest you to land in Rygge. This is the second airport 66km far from the city. You can get the Rygge-Ekspressen, placed at the bus stops in front of the airport exit. It takes you at the Busssterminal in the city center in one hour. You can find it after 40 min after scheduled flights, but once landed try to get the one from the previous flight, usually there are seats available.

Where to stay

Weekend in OsloCity box could be the perfect accommodation if you accept the compromise of having small rooms and no room cleaning service avery day. It is super clean and located in the city center 10 min by foot from the Bussterminal. Keep your booking number with you, you need to checkin on the checkin towers. You don't have hotel personnel waiting for you, but in case you need someone you can push the magical button on the right side of the entrance. It is very cheap compared to the avery hotel fares in Oslo.

Scandic Vulkan is my second option. It is located in the heart of Vulkan neighborhood. It's a little more expensive but again under the average.

Where to eat

Weekend in OsloGrilleriet for brunch is the best. You have to enter hotel Folketeateret to get there. Opened till 10 in the morning on Friday and till 11 Saturday and Sunday, it offers a complete high quality buffet both sweet and salty. You can eat and drink whatever you want for the fix price of 205 NOK. Cafe Fedora in Frogner is the best option is you want the classical american breakfast.

Hands down for the double cheeseburger with bacon of Illegal Burger. It is open till 11pm, so go around 9pm to avoid crowds. For authentic Norwegian specialties try  Gamle Radius Restaurant, with its 150 years of history. Kolonihagen Frogner for healthy scandinavian food,  or browse the food stalls of Mathallen in Vulkan for high quality Norwegian food.

For a coffee stop in Vulkan try the Hendrix Ibsen coffee with it's coffeevinyls shop atmosphere, Liebling cafe nord of Grunerlooka cosy and welcoming or Tim Wandelboe in the heart of Grunerlookka with its variety of coffees from Kenya to Colombia. Finally if you find yourself in the Sentrum in the early afternoon try Justisen Courtyard, usually on weekends there are Jazz trios playing. It has also a restaurant inside and after dinner it becomes a good cocktail bar.

Blå is the perfect pit-stop for coffee and waffles on a lazy Sunday. Browse the flea market and stick around until 16:00 to catch the Frank Znort Quartet’s unique brand of jazz-punk, which is an experience in itself. During summer, there’s a nice outdoor café by the Akerselva River.


Weekend in OsloFor some after dinner drink try Crowbar microbrewery where you can choose between many local craft beers and if you are still hungry you can have a tasty kebab in the cosy upstairs area. In Storgata 13 you can find a nice area full of bars to warm-up your night , Cafe mono is very nice. Dattera Til Hagen it's one of my favorite, basically you can spend all night here, starting having dinner at the restaurant, then moving outside for a beer, and then come back inside to party!

The Villa and Jaeger are the options to late night dance. The first one is a basement next to Illegal burger, alternative folks and tecno music. The second is more easy, you can drink a beer upstairs and dance in the small outside waiting for the real party in the basement. Mainly electro and house music. Both the venues starts to get crowded around 1am.

Travel tips

  • I found Saturday more interesting than Friday, so if you have to pick a day to party then pick Saturday.
  • If you want to have dinner around 7pm/8pm book the table. Same thing for disco, visit the club Facebook page and ask to be added to the guest list.
  • The majority of the night spots are opened till 3/3:30 in the morning.
  • Don't spend too much time to visit sunday's flea markets, there is nothing really interesting. Some of them are inside courtyards, nice to visit but it's hard to find something interesting.
  • Avoid to get taxis if you can, they are crazy expensive. I spent 18€ for about 1 km when arrived!

 Street photography

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