Streets of Copenhagen

Streets of Copenhagen - Spray revolution

You know me, or maybe not. Anyway I am a street art addicted and everywhere I go around the world, I always spend my time down in the streets, living and discovering the local graffiti scene. This week, it’s Copenhagen time. I am not a great speaker, so I’ll do that in the quick and dirty way. Just few words about the main areas that you should visit if you want to experience the streets of Copenhagen in the proper way.

Nørrebro and Vesterbro

Graffiti everywhere in these two big, young and “Berlin style” blocks, not far from the center of the city. Almost every corner is covered by spontaneous and basic forms of street writing. But these are also the right places to see some masterpieces.

In Nørrebro, Jagtvej 69 is the address to enjoy a big wall by Mr. Shepard Fairey aka OBEY and on the corner between Jagtvej and Odinsgade you can admire a young lady hovering high above the rooftops (great work by Simon Hjermind Jensen and Anne Sofie Madsen). On a sunny day, don’t miss Bananna Park, a peaceful and colorful spot enriched by the awesome visions of a Danish artistic collective.

In Vesterbro, the must see is the meatpacking district. Walking on Gasværksvej some big and furry squirrels could catch your attention. Yes, I am talking about an amazing work by ROA.

Ah, don’t forget to visit the toilets in the main clubs and bars of meatpacking district, you could find “inspiring views”.


Almost every wall of Chrisitiana has a story to tell. You know, peace, love and weed have always been elements that match well with graffiti. Just lose yourself in the streets of this “city in the city” and you will find all the faces of the street culture, from basic tags and lettering to figurative works from the most talented street artists (Zed1 and Alice Pasquini, just to give you a couple of big names).


Only for real street art lovers. Basically this is an industrial area, so there isn’t much to see if you want to live Copenhagen in a traditional and touristic way. But if you have good music in your headphones and you want to discover some forgotten lands, make a walk on Tømmergravsgade. At the end of the street, between the river and old factories, you will find an hidden, peaceful and rough gem. Around 1km of free walls where young street artists can test their skills and creativity. No big names here, but maybe the first artistic steps of the big names of tomorrow.

That’s all folks. I spent just a weekend in Copenhagen, there is more to see and more to say for sure. But, I swear, it’s not difficult to find street art in Copenhagen, so just go outside and open your eyes.

A massive YO from the streets.

Your Pop Corn King (@RE_DEL_POP_CORN)

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