Weekend in Cannes

Lost in the weekend - weekend in Cannes

The next film festival is coming on May (11th to 22nd) so there is not better timing to talk about weekend in Cannes. You can plan to visit it starting from end of April till the end of September. I have been there recently and the weather was mild, maybe windy sometimes, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the sunshine on the beach. The town is small, you can easily walk it from side to side, but it is a good choice for almost any kind of weekend you like. You can enjoy the beach and relax in the SPA, shopping all day, challenge the fortune at the casino, or enjoy the nightlife in bars and amazing clubs. As you can imagine during the film festival it is more expensive, but if you are lucky you can find something affordable. Before and after the festival you will definitely find more reasonable prices. Having said that, regardless the timing, if you are thinking to escape from the city, Cannes is definitely an option to consider, especially during this time of the year

Where to stay for a weekend in Cannes

Weekend in Cannes - where to stay

Jocelyne apartment - This is a small apartament I booked on airbnb, suitable for two people located exactly next to the famous Carlton Hotel, and in front of La Croisette. Jocelyne is an  amazing host and the car parking is included. Hands down we have a winner!

Hôtel La Villa Cannes Croisette - This is a small hotel, well furnished  with great staff. It is 3 min by walk form La Croisette, and you have free public parking in front of the hotel. Together with Jocelyne apartment is my first choice in Cannes.

Hotel Club MaintenonAppart'Hotel Odalys Les Felibriges are good compromise if you cannot find the one of the previous. The car park has a cost of about 11€-20€ per day and the location is still central.

If you are not George Clooney but you want something special anyways, I suggest you the Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso, Cannes. It is the most affordable 5 stars hotel in town, and it has a SPA inside. The location is in close to the harbor, 5 min by walk from Le Suquet.

Where to eat

Weekend in Cannes - where to eatThere are restaurant at every corner, so you have only to choose. But if you want something special both in terms of food and location have a walk at Le Suquet. This is one old street full of great restaurants where you can taste french riviera's specialties and wines. Le beija flor with his crazy owner is one of my favorite (closed on sunday). Gavroche has a cozy terrace and an intimate atmosphere (open on sunday). Maitre Renard offers french classics revisited by Chef Renard and on weekends there is a duo (piano and voice) playing french classics, blues and soul (closed on sunday). Then if you wanna eat great fish and coquillages Coquillages Brun is an icon, and it is open every day till late.

NOTE: It's better to book on the weekends because almost all them are small restaurants.


Weekend in Cannes - daylife

A good day always starts with a good breakfast. Since you are in France Café au lait and pan au chocolat is what you need. Rue Meynandier or Rue Hoche are good options where to find good boulageries (even if it's a franchise Paul is always my best choice). If you are not interested in french petit déjeuner, you can enjoy a full breakfast on the beach for 14€-21€ at Le Goealnd. For shopping you can walk La Croisette if you are looking for luxury brands, or Rue d'Antibes for some good deals. For lunch I would suggest you to have something on the beach my beast choices are Baoili beach, Le Goeland and C-Beach. If you like lime capiroska try it at the C-Beach, it is one of the best I've ever drunk. To complete the day just lie on the beach and enjoy the sun. You can do it in private beaches with all the comforts, but there are also free beaches before and after the harbor.

NOTE: all the shops are closed on Sunday


Cannes' nightlife has many things to offer. On friday and saturady from 7pm  Lounge bar Le Grand @Carlton hotel offers a nice pre dinner in one of the most famous hotel in the world. Then if you want to try a special drink after dinner go to Christy, it is a brand new cocktail bar and restaurant. For something "easier" go back to Rue Hoche, here you can find many bars.

For clubbing Baoli and Gotha are the best. To do something different try to play at the Casinò, and if you are lucky enough to win something, don't worry, inside the Casinò there is Les Marches club with a great terrace on La Croisette where you can spend everything.


  • There is a strict door selection for Baoli and Gotha, so if you think to go there, dress up and be sure to have a good mix of boys and girls in your group.
  • ID card is required to enter the Casinò

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