Street life in London

Lost in the weekend - street life in London

Needless to say that if you like street art, London it's like the Vatican city for Christians. There are some amazing neighborhoods that look like open air museums. Here artists from all over the world have their sings on the walls. BanksyTrust IconPegasusC215Alo,  Alice Pasquini, just to mention someone. To be honest there are some places where it's hard to find a wall without graffiti on it. However, the city center is in expansion so these former bad neighborhoods are now the new trends. This means that many new constructions are rising everywhere, destroying amazing street art works. So if you don't wanna miss some of the most beautiful masterpieces in the world, before they will be replaced by cubic, super white fashioned buildings, buy a daily underground ticket, put comfortable shoes on and be prepared to walk a lot!

I suggest to start from Camden. If you have never been there you can walk the main street with the famous Market till the end. When it finishes proceed on the same road. Soon you'll find on the left the Stables Market. However to find hidden street arts gems, you should leave the main road and explore all the small streets nearby. Walk, take pictures enjoy the atmosphere and when you are ready, take the underground to Shoredich, Old Street.

Second stop, Shoredich. You cannot imagine how many great things you will see there. This is one of the best places to hang around not only because you can see street art at every corner, but it is also full of great places where to enjoy London trendy nightlife. However enjoy it walking the small streets to the next stop: Brick Lane.

I feel shame but I have never been to Brick Lane before. For me it was love at first sight. For street art is maybe even better than Shoredich, and it's full of life, you can breath in the air the London atmosphere. This is the place! So take your time to visit it, and don't forget to go to the Old Spitalfields Market. If you are hungry then stop at the little square between Dray Walk and Hanbury street. There you'll find many street food vans (try meat porn). Then before leaving visit Rough Trade. This is exactly the music store you imagine to find in such place. You can find almost everything, but If you like vinyls, then you have to go.

Now that you have eaten and relaxed, it's time for a long walk. Go up through Bethnal Gren and Hackney to Dalston. It's a long walk, but apart from more street art masterpiece, the great thing is that you will see the real London, far from the center and tourists. I think it worths the walk. However this is not the reason I walked for hours, it was because a friend of mine suggested me to visit a cool terrace there, the Dalston Roof Park. It was a sunny afternoon and I liked the idea of enjoying a drink on a terrace outside the city. Unfortunately I arrived there exhausted, and it was closed! Reopening in May! Anyway, on my way back, after a light lunch in a bar in the same building of the terrace, a place caught my attention so I decided to governo it a chance. I wasn't sure what it was, then what I found was a super cool place where to enjoy a coffee, a piece of cake and get some relax. Look at it Dalston Eastern Curve Garden. I strongly suggest you to go there and chill with friends. Even if it is one hour far from the city by walk it worths the experience, maybe in May when also the Roof Park is open.

At this point it should be late afternoon with no sun at all, so it's time to go and visit the Old Vic tunnels underneath the Waterloo station.  This was made famous as the location of Banksy's CANS festival. Just go down and get lost with 30,000 square feet of unused railway tunnels full of graffiti.

That's all I have for now folks. Of course, there is much more to see, but I'll tell you something in future posts. In the meanwhile to have a preview of what you could see, take a look at my friend Ghisocci's instagram profile @re_del_pop_corn, I'm sure you'll find it interesting!

London street photography

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