Weekend in Barcelona

Wekend in Barcelona

Hi there and welcome back. Today I'm writing about the sunny Barcelona! If you are looking for touristic information such as go to the Sagrada Familia and something like that don't go on in reading this post. I'm going to tell you where to go to have a great weekend and live Barcelona like a local.

Let's start then. I flew from Turin since there are many Vueling direct flights. I usually take the last one on Friday at 10pm landing in Barcelona at midnight. However also Ryanair has cheap fears from different cities. Taxi for city center cost about 35€ and it takes 20/30 min. You can find also direct bus (number 602 and 614) to the Estacio del Nord.

Barcelona has many great hidden places so you should be up in the morning early and start exploring the city in all its streets. I can suggest you what I think are the must see neighborhoods. Starting from La Barceloneta where by day, bikes and skateboards glide down the boardwalk that lines the neighborhood's world-class beaches. By night, fresh seafood restaurants and casual bars keep the noise level at a constant hum. Eixample it's a residential neighborhood famous for art noveau, and high class shopping. In the night it's full of restaurants and cocktail bar, little expensive sometimes, but that worth the visit.  El Born elegant and vivid in the night. Here you can find the tapas bar and trendy shops. Gracia, here you won't see many toursits, but the streets are full of artists and bohemien. Placa del Sol has lots of cafe and terraces where to enjoy a drink and have fun.

NOTE: There are too many things to see in Barcelona, you should come back soon because it worth the visit. But if I have to suggest you something go and see Joan Fontecuberta's exposition (is the main photo for this post) you can find it here in a small square called Placa d'Isidre Nonell.

PLAYLIST: here my spotify playlist to enjoy your weekend in Barcelona


I suggest to get the apartment considering the kind of weekend you have in mind.

If you are more about to party wild I would suggest to book something in Barceloneta. Here you can easily find many clubs one next to each other. Take a look at Arts Apartments Baluard if you find a special offer in booking.com this could be a very nice choice. 

If you are more of shopping lover and hard walker to visit as much as you can, I would stay in Eixample. You'll be in the middle of almost all the city center places. Try to look at Hotel Àmbit Barcelona to have an idea.

Finally, if you want to be little far from the city center chaos, in a quiet place next to less touristy areas, I would suggest to stay in the north close to the diagonal and Gracia. I've been here Melia Barcelona Sarriá, and it was very pleasant stay.

NOTE: if you want to enjoy a relaxing moment, close to the Melia hotel, I strongly suggest to try to take a look a the SPA Rituales D'Orientes. It has great special offers, but you need to book in advance especially during the weekend.


As mentioned before if you stay in Barceloneta there you can find many clubs all in the same place such as Opium, Pacha and Shoko. Here I would give you some other suggetions for different places.

Keep in mind that as everywhere in spain, also here in Barcelona you start clubbing at 1.3/2, if you go early maybe it could be easier to get in but you won't see many people around. So after a good dinner here some great places where to enjoy a drink with friends. Boca chica it's a classy cocktail bar next to the Boca grande restaurant. It has two floors and a terrace, great atmosphere and amazing drinks (try gin tonic). El Nacional is an open space full of  restaurants and bars created in a former parking space. You must see this. One ocean club it's a private club for members only in Barceloneta. It's not easy to get in since you should have a membership, but if you know someone who has it, go there for a drink and dj set.

For clubbing if you like electronic music I would suggest you Omm club on Friday night. It is the club or the Omm hotel. I think it's the best Friday in town. For Saturday the best choice is the Eclipse on the 26th floor of the hotel W. Alternatively try CDLC or Razzmatazz if you want something different.


Here the best part, food. Here my selection. Boca grande is best choice if you think to have a drink later at the Boca chica, they are in the same building. El Nacional as mentioned before here you can find many great restaurants. Bormuth for tapas in El Born district. Salamanca for one of the best paella I have ever had. Lastly, Cafe Godot for Sunday brunch (try eggs benedict).

NOTE: If this is not your first time in Barcelona and want to have a trip outside the city. Go to Girona, it takes less then 40 min to get there from Barcelona-Sants station. Once there book a table at Arros i peix. The food is great and the prices reasonable. THere is no menu you choose the fish you want from the desk and then they suggest you how to cook it.

Street photography

Here some shoots from the streets. Visit my instagram profile if you want to see more.

Google map

This has become a tradition now. Enjoy the map for your perfect weekend in Barcelona!

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